RRN Conference 2022 Archive

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Thom Scott-Phillips: The roots of grammar in relevance

Robyn Carston: The pragmatic lexicon and complex words

Panel 1: Relevance and Irony

Agnieszka Piskorska: Words as carriers of irony.

Raissa Ellis: Direct and broad echo in verbal irony. Is comprehension affected by the form of resemblance?

Diana Mazzarella and Nausicaa Pouscoulous: Ironic speakers, vigilant hearers.

Panel 2: Relevance and New Applications

Francesca Bonalumi et al.: Pragmatics of Graphs and Charts.

Francesco Pierini: Relevance and cartographic communication

Billy Clark: Relevance and listening

Panel 3: Relevance, Emotion and (Non-) Propositional Meaning

Chara Vlachaki: Relevance theory, ineffability and the Parthenon Marbles.

Constant Bonard: The expressive principle of relevance

Stavros Assimakopoulos:Interpreting Beyond the Code: The Propositional and Non-Propositional Effects of Discriminatory Discourse

Panel 4: Relevance and metaphor

Mengyang Qiu: Communicating conceptual and perceptual dimensions: Mental imagery in the dual-route processing of metaphor

Pascal Markus Lemmer: Of the problem, or potential impossibility, of formalising metaphor

Valandis Bardzokas: Creative metaphors and non-propositional effects: an experiment

Panel 5: Relevance and inferential processes

Steve Oswald et al.: Relevance for persuasion

Edoardo Vaccargiu & Diana Mazzarella: : The burden of communication: Is there a real ‘developmental dilemma’?

Didier Maillat: Getting Your Inferences in Order: The Limits of Mutual Adjustment

Panel 6: Relevance and Beyond

Angélica Andersen: Attention! How do relevance and ostension attract our attention on social media? For how long?

Fabrizio Gallai: : Relevance Theory-informed appraoches to translation and interpreting: Training and practice

Panel 7: Figurative Meaning

Manuel Padilla Cruz: Gestuality and ad hoc concept construction

Xin Xin Yan: ‘Like a rolling stone’: How do similies differ from literal comparisons

Maria Jodłowiec: Neologisms in translation: A case study of two translations of Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

Panel 8: Relevance and Teaching Pragmatics

Erika Marcet: Using relevance theory to teach an L2

Aglaia Rouki: Raising students’ awareness of implicatures with the use of corpora

Panel 9: Relevance and Discourse

Begoña Vicente Cruz: Speaker cancellation of potential implicatures: Discourse structure and relevance

Daniel Sax: On the Clustering of Information-Structural Properties

Anne Bezuidenhout: Appositives from the perspective of Relevance Theory