Relevance Researchers’ Network

The Relevance Researchers’ Network is a space for those working on or using Relevance Theory to come together and discuss ideas.

A sub-group of the network focuses on the learning and teaching of pragmatics and relevance theory.

Upcoming Events

31st of May 2023. 17:30 (UK & Ireland time). Ingrid Lossius Falkum (Oslo). The development of non-literal uses of language.

28th of June 2023 17:30 (UK & Ireland time). Diana Mazzarella (Neuchâtel) Title coming soon!

Relevance Researchers’ Network Conference 2022

Our first Relevance Researchers’ Network Conference took place on the 7th of October 2022.

Latest from the Blog

Nicholas Allott: Our theory of communication needs a literal/metaphorical distinction

Abstract Nicholas Allott presenting joint work with Mark Textor Intuitively, figurative uses deviate from literal ones. But work on lexical modulation and polysemy shows that meaning deviation is ubiquitous, even in cases of literal use. Hence, it has been argued, the literal/figurative distinction has no value for theorising about communication. A prominent example is the…